Maintain and Evolve

Helping you to maintain excellence and evolve with your users

Your intranet has the power to enhance effective collaboration and tackle silo-based working, if you manage it correctly.

We will help you to manage your intranet, ensuring it improves internal communication, serves your staff with the information they need and reinforces your brand and values. 

Together, we’ll review what you have and focus on what you need to help and support your users, accelerating how easy it is for them to digest important information.

Analytics allow you to measure the effectiveness of your content and the platforms that hosts it

We will work with you to identify the types of reports you need to focus on to help understand if you’re supporting your users with their day to day work. 

Together on a monthly basis, we can review user behaviours to help you understand better ways to enhance the experience you offer.

Keeping your content up to date and relevant will encourage staff to use the platform, and build trust with what is there

Sometimes it’s hard to ensure every piece of content or media that is uploaded to your platform is relevant or valuable. 

To help you keep maintain the accuracy of your content, we’ll work with you on a quarterly basis to identify and remove any content or data that doesn’t offer value to users.

Harnessing the idea-power of your stakeholders and users to accelerate solutions to your challenges

 We will host solution workshops with you that are focused on overcoming a specific challenge such as employee engagement or serving your customers.

The workshops will be designed to tap into the knowledge of everyone involved, to collaboratively come up with creative ways of getting you to the result we need.