Discovery and Strategy

Helping you to discover the challenges that your users are facing

At the centre of every service, a clear, defined strategy, and employee engagement is vital

At the centre of every service, a clear, defined strategy, and employee engagement is vital.

To help you with this, we will work alongside you to review your current strategy, and facilitate stakeholder interviews and/or workshops that focus on discovering the challenges, and goals your stakeholders have.

Your users are the heart of your organisation, and key to its success

Once we have a better understanding of your overall communications strategy, we will focus on the voice you give to your end users to fully understand their behaviours, needs and motivations for using your internal communications platforms.

Along with any analytics you have, we’ll be able to identify trends and patterns to help us understand what needs to be reviewed moving forward.

Unlock the undiscovered data insights in your communications platforms

There are often undiscovered data insights in your communications platforms that could be helping you to make evidence-based decisions that improve the experience you offer to staff.

As part of this work, we will aim to get a better understanding of the challenges your stakeholders and end users are having. Our focus here will be to discover, identify and understand the purpose of your content, and whether or not it’s meeting the intended purpose to users.

Continuously enhancing employee experience is key to increasing their output

Using data analytics, we can review and measure your organisation’s service outputs and help you to unlock the potential behind your data.

This means you can better understand the effectiveness of your communications platforms, particularly whether or not they are supporting your users in their day to day work.

We’re passionate about providing a great user experience for the 100% and want to support you in achieving this

We will work with you to review your organisational approach to accessibility, diving into your processes and assessing if and where accessibility is embedded in your requirements.

As well as your approach, it’s important for us to identify ways of which we can simplify your approach to ensure your staff can easily deliver a quality accessible experience when publishing new content.