Dyslexia Week 2021 – Keri Harrowven shares her story

As part of National Dyslexia Week the British Dyslexia Association has asked the dyslexic community to share their stories, to raise awareness and to help others with dyslexia feel understood. Keri Harrowven, Digital Workplace Consultant at Invotra Consulting, shared her experience of dyslexia with us. Keri is keen to support

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How to make your website cookie compliant

Recent research by Colin Stenning showed 37.78% of local government websites did not provide users with the means to enable or disable non-essential cookies or failed to make it easy to configure them. Those responsible for creating, managing and maintaining a website must meet the requirements set out by the

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4 key stages for effective business analysis

With any internal communications platform, it is vital to embed an experience that supports your culture and is focused on meeting user needs. In order to achieve a platform that meets all of your organisational needs, the process has to begin with a thorough analysis from all stakeholders and target

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