Analyse & Plan

Helping you to make informed decisions on your content and communications

Connecting your stakeholders through a shared motivation is vital to creating a successful platform

Once we’ve reviewed and understand the challenges your stakeholders are having, we will work with you to analyse what they see as success.

We will then help you to connect the dots to create and structure success criteria for your communications platforms to ensure we deliver a meaningful outcome for each of your stakeholders and their users.

It’s important to build a platform that embeds an experience that supports your culture and users

Once we’ve analysed what your users are asking for, and connected this with what your stakeholders require, we’ll work with you to simplify the requirements and transform them into a list of business needs.

You can then determine the best approach forward, whether that be a new platform or a process improvement.

Transitioning business needs into technical requirements can sometimes be challenging

We’ll work with you to analyse your business needs and understand any technical restrictions or solutions required that may impact the project.

From this, we’ll work with you to analyse what is required technically to deliver a platform that meets your business needs, and integrate with your existing services arrangement efficiently.

We’ll provide you with the tools you need to create a plan that delivers what your end users want

By now, we have a better understanding of what you and your users need, and the best approach to improve/build a platform to deliver this.

The next step is to understand and plan how to get there, and more importantly, the resources and skill sets you’ll need along the way. To ensure that you are able to deliver your project on time and within budget, we’ll provide an end to end plan detailing everything you’ll need.

Content and platforms that deliver a quality experience for 100% of their end users will thrive in the workplace

Before carrying out an audit, we recommend first undertaking an accessibility review. From here we will go on to conduct an end to end analysis of your platforms and content against the latest WCAG standards.

From Information Architecture (IA) to content creation, we’ll work with you to improve the accessible experience your staff have on your internal communications platforms.