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Accessibility to me is just getting everyone involved at the same time, including everyone as a human being
Andy Stewart
UX Specialist, DWP


This workshop allows you to tell us about 3 specific accessibility challenges you are facing so that we can put together a tailored workshop that focuses on training you to overcome them. This means the agenda for the workshop will be designed by you with the specific outcomes defined for us to deliver using a combination of training and best practices.


  • All


  • 4 hours (including short breaks)

Number of participants: 

  • Up to 12

Workshop Objective

  • Identify and create a resolution path that helps you and your teams overcome specific accessibility challenges you are experiencing today.

Examples of challenges

  • Creating and embedding an accessible culture

  • How to use assisted technology

  • How to test your platforms using WCAG success criteria

  • PDFs, Webforms, Tables

  • Media (video, audio, presentations)

  • Visual design components (checkboxes, drop-downs, iconography, graphics)

In this workshop you will learn

  • What digital accessibility means

  • Short introduction to Web

  • Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

  • How to get started

  • How to overcome each of the specific challenges you are facing today

  • How others are overcoming the specific challenges you are facing

  • Best practices and recommendations to maintain accessibility standards

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